So you’re visiting Lake Travis….. welcome ! We’ve put together a short guide to fun on the Lake. Here we go……

Lake Travis is a BIG lake. There is no central/single point of access. The lake is 63.75 miles long, has over 271 miles of shoreline and its maximum width is 4.5 miles. The lake covers 18,929 acres. As the “Crown Jewel” of the Central Texas Highland Lakes, Lake Travis is THE most visited freshwater recreational vacation destination in the state. Lake Travis’ limestone bottom results in it’s unique crystal clear blue waters, making it a freshwater haven for water enthusiasts.

A typical call into our office is – is Lake Travis open? or how do we get in Lake Travis? Lake Travis is always open except for weather events like flooding or severe drought. We always explain there are hundreds of points of access to a 64 mile long lake, and is a great starting point to browse before you head this way.

Sail & Ski - Lake Travis Boat Dealership


Reserve Lake Travis - Lake Travis Resort Community

There are plenty of lodging options on Lake Travis. Hotels, vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts, RV parks, houseboats and campgrounds. Check out our Best Of pages to find your pillow on the lake. Check out our Best Lake Travis Camping page for tent camping options.

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Lake Fun

Liquid Thrillz - Lake Travis Boat Rentals

If you are coming to visit Lake Travis you’ll likely be spending some time on the water, and boy does Lake Travis deliver here.

Visit our Best Of pages for great suggestions for on-the-water fun. Check our Upcoming Events Page to find out what’s happening on the lake during your stay.

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Oasis Texas Lake Travis Craft Brewery

Not all of the fun on Lake Travis is on the water. Shopping, restaurants, vineyards, craft breweries, spirit distilleries, live music, golf and waterparks line the lake in abundance. Check our Best Of pages for great ideas in Lake Entertainment. Check our Upcoming Events Page to find out what’s happening on the lake during your stay.

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Premier Party Cruises - Lake Travis Party Boats

If you’d rather not go it alone, Lake Travis has award-winning tour operators. Boating, good eats, and aerial tours can show you the local’s favorites and spectacular views over Lake Travis.

We hope you have a great stay on the lake and look forward to your visit.  Please feel free to call us (512) 261-5121 or peruse our site for any further questions you may have.

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  1. Anand Kumar

    Thanks for a nice introduction to Lake Travis

  2. Sarah Williams

    Man, These are some epic images of Lake Travis. I absolutely love that lake.

  3. Peggy Sue Edick

    Grew up at Lake Travis…way back…Class of 84 go Cavs!! Nothing like that now…but the pictures bring back memories!!

  4. shannon rivers

    lake travis coming this summer on the 4th of july

    1. Will Taylor
      Will Taylor

      You’re gonna have a blast. Call us (512) 261-5121 if you have any questions before your visit !

  5. Jessica Jones

    How is the weather and lake water temperatures in April ??? I think I am coming for a bachelorette weekend then ! Thanks

    1. Will Taylor
      Will Taylor

      The weather is beautiful in April. Typically 70s to 80s.

  6. Tania

    is this a good place to bring the little ones>? is it family friendly or for college-age only? Im a new Texas resident, looking for places where I can take my family (toodlers and preschoolers)

    1. Will Taylor
      Will Taylor

      Lake Travis is absolutely family-friendly.

  7. Amy Scott

    Is Lake Travis too cold to swim in if we were to rent a boat in early April?

    1. Will Taylor
      Will Taylor

      Amy – Depends… if your from the north, lake water in April is completely tolerable. If you tastes are more equatorial, it’s chilly. Annual water temp averages in April are 67.2 degrees.

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