is a product of thinAIR Solutions a Lakeway, TX. online directory advertising and content management company. We are always looking for talent.
Currently we are looking for individuals to fill the following needs:

Careers - Blog Contributor

BLOG CONTRIBUTORS: We are looking for talented writers to bring exciting, current, topical content to our blog. Our blog writers are credited for all their posts with a photo and bio/contact/business links. All of your blog posts will show up under your¬† blogger bio page. If you’d like to contribute your writing talents, email us Here.

Careers - WordPress Coder

WORDPRESS CODERS: Looking for WordPress coders familiar with WooCommerce and the WP Listify Theme. We’d love to have a developer on staff, but would like to start by paying by the customization job. If you’d like to help develop, email us Here

Careers - Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Great photography is the backbone of this site. We have a large audience on both our site and our FB page. All the photos we publish (besides our) we fully credit with the photographers name, @tag and your business URL if applicable. We you’d like us to get the word out on your photography, email us Here

Careers - Ad Sales

AD SALES: We pay 50% commission to our salespeople. One half of the first year ad fee a new partner pays to “Get Listed” goes into your pocket. If you’d like to join our sales team, email us Here

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