Is Lake Travis open for boating for 2024 ? That’s a HARD YES !

Despite some negative press being spread by local media, Lake Travis, as always, remains open and inviting for boating.

Most all of the boat, party boat and party barge rentals operators are open and will remain so thru the summer.

The water is still crystal clear, refreshing on hot summer days and immensley inviting. Devil’s Cove, Starnes Island and Hippy Hollow Cove remain the best on-the-water places to party in Texas.

Little Drama - Lake Travis Yacht Charter

Lake Travis has THE LARGEST and most diverse boat charter fleet in the state. It is the most visited recreational lake in Texas.

Is the lake low…yes, in fact it is. Currently about 634 feet, well below the 681 ft “full pond”, but well above the lows of 614 we’ve seen several times before.

Water levels have closed some of the public boat ramps offering access to the lake, but most of the boat rental and charter companies have their boats at marinas in the water and have 100% access.

Lake Travis Yacht Rentals - Luxury Yachts on Beautiful Lake Travis Texas

This lake is cyclical. Just like the weather in Central Texas. We go thru years of drought followed typically by a weather event (hurricane or tropical storm) that fills this lake in a few days to a week.

Bottom line is, we’re expecting a busy boating summer on the lake in 2024. Make sure and get your charters and rentals booked early, especially for holiday or weekend rentals.

See you on the lake.

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Photos provided by our friends at Premier Party Cruises, Stevens Charters and Lake Travis Yacht Rentals.