The Musicians Woodshed Kid’s Garage Band Program

Nov 13, 2024
10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Garage Band is one of the most fun programs we offer.

After auditions, we pair up 4-5 students that are at similar skill level and appropriate age to form a band.

This program consists of 6 practices for 2 hours each weekend as a band led by one of our instructors.

It concludes with a final performance off campus for all of our bands to rock out! This is for students that can play 2-3 songs to completion already.

They will be learning new songs to play with their band. Not everyone who tries out is guaranteed a spot due to limited teachers and spaces available.

It is FREE to register to audition! Cost is $350 per student once making the band.


The Musicians Woodshed is a Lake Travis music store / school that offers retail services, music lessons, recording, and performance opportunities.