Sound Bath & Cacao Ceremony

Paulina uses a wide variety of sound healing instruments including chakra tuned gong, crystalline singing bowls, chimes, ocean drum, rain sticks and more to create a powerful musical meditative journey offering a transformative experience.
These ancient and sacred sound currents are the medicine for the modern day. Some benefits of sound healing include:
oActivates Higher States of Consciousness
oUnlocks Blocked Emotions
oRelieves Anxiety and Stress
oInduces Complete Relaxation
oPromotes Deep Meditation
oHeightens Clarity
oImproves Ability to Concentrate
oRelieves Insomnia
oDecreases Depression
oNormalizes Blood Pressure
This is a lying down experience where your heartbeat will slow and you may get chilly. Bring a cushioned yoga mat, pillow, blanket, eye mask, crystals and anything else you may need to feel safe and cozy to embark into a deeply relaxing and healing state of bliss.
Cost: $40/person

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