Generating Positive Energy for You

Mar 18, 2023
02:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Learn the Art of Emotional Alchemy and ignite a sacred power within You to heal yourself, balance your emotions and strengthen your inner and outer relationships.
Access your ability to consciously generate positive energy beyond your circumstances and transform accumulated negative energies allowing you to maintain a clear inspiring perception of reality.
In this transformational class you will learn how to create a way to honor and ultimately transform any negative emotions you are holding on to as well as teach you how to consciously generate joy, inspiration, pleasure, integrity, ingenuity, passion, freedom, serenity, and any other positive energy you or those you love may need.
This workshop will be held in the yoga studio and chairs, bolsters or mats will be available for your comfort.
Water or Tea will also be available.
Cost: $108/person

Serasana is a Bee Cave wellness center. Offering yoga, massage, acupuncture and a tea bar. A sanctuary for better health for body, mind and spirit.