Ella Reid at Poodie’s Roadhouse – Troubadillos Open

May 21, 2024
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Reid is a whirlwind of contagious positivity. Whether dipping her melodic toes in Americana, funk-tinged soul, or red-dirt country, Reid never fails to deliver soaring, sun-kissed vocals and beautifully honest emotion. Building her compositions on a frame of shining pop melody, her music is eminently engaging.

Reid looks out on the cloudy horizon and sees nothing but silver linings, and her hope is to share that perspective through her music. “Life isn’t always roses, but you have to try and find the positive – and inspire others to do the same! I’m trying to let loose and dance badly and sing about love and whittle life down to what we need to be happy and… I hope listeners find that in my music, and collectively feel the universe flowing through them!” So, grab your cowgirl boots and a big ol’ Stetson, because Ella Reid is on a roll – and you’re coming along for the ride!


The storied Poodie’s Roadhouse, a legendary Lake Travis live music, dancehall & restaurant, offers the best in live music entertainment.