Dog Beach Rebels

Jun 29, 2024
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Imagine you just hopped in the van to hit the beach, or the springs, and are jonesin’ for some reggae psychedelic jam rock. DBR is music for the way there.

Dog Beach Rebels takes a unique approach to ska punk and reggae fusion while staying true to the formulas set by predecessors like Sublime, 311, and Rebelution. You’ll work up your pulse to sweltering bass lines and booty-shakin’ percussion that hearkens back to Meters while also dropping hints of modern west coast reggae with an Austin vibe.

Their signature blend of ‘70s funk balanced out with DIY punk mentality, minimalist roots reggae, Peter Tosh-esque social commentary, and even some brushes of 90’s hip-hop breeds a pack of infectious tunes.

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