Album Drop Party for Gimme A Cowboy

Hey Yall! Ella Reid drops her new album “Gimmie a Cowboy” Oct. 27th and we’d love you to come and celebrate with us at the ever groovy Lucky Rabbit in Jonestown, TX!

They’ll have CD’s (if you still have a player) or you can download or stream the show live at the Lucky Rabbit Jonestown Youtube site and join in!

On Gimme A Cowboy, the new full-length from Texas chanteuse Ella Reid, country twang meets pop songwriting, lifted by a voice and broad and beautiful as the western sky. From simmering ballads to juke-joint boogie, Gimme A Cowboy is a love letter to an iconic part of the western musical canon. Laid back and riding the groove, Reid and her band have crafted the perfect soundtrack to red-dirt explorations, roadhouse hoedowns, and sunset whiskey sippin’.

Reid is a whirlwind of contagious positivity. Whether dipping her melodic toes in Americana, funk-tinged soul, or red-dirt country, Reid never fails to deliver soaring, sun-kissed vocals and beautifully honest emotion. Building her compositions on a frame of shining pop melody, her music is eminently engaging.

In high school, under the tutelage of Minnesota choral legend Dr. Erik “Doc” Christiansen (grandson of the great F. Melius Christiansen) Reid was taught to embrace challenging pieces – and did eventually learn to read and write music. Graduation brought with it the gift of a guitar, and with it a passion for pop. College life mingled perfectly with some avant musical acts, but it wasn’t until a little further down the road of life that Reid was given a sign that perhaps it was time for music to take center stage.

“A friend convinced me to attend the Frank Brown Songwriters festival” explains Reid. “I got to see how songwriters were really doing it! Straight out of Nashville and wiping the stage with talent.” She was inspired, and her composition won the coveted first place prize from the NSAI.

Following the release of Drive, Reid and her husband relocated to Austin, TX. Inspired by the sights, sounds, and culture she wrote up a storm, and the record Big Girl Pants was born. Then the pandemic struck, and the world ground to a halt.

Now, three years down the line, Reid is ready to share more of her trademark sunshine with the world. “Gimme A Cowboy speaks honestly about growth and overcoming adversity” tells Reid. “We need to try and keep an upbeat voice in a world that feels divided. Music is a global language that speaks through barriers, and I want to spread the love and help people feel something good and uplifting!”

Reid looks out on the cloudy horizon and sees nothing but silver linings, and her hope is to share that perspective through her music. “Life isn’t always roses, but you have to try and find the positive – and inspire others to do the same! I’m trying to let loose and dance badly and sing about love and whittle life down to what we need to be happy and… I hope listeners find that in my music, and collectively feel the universe flowing through them!” So, grab your cowgirl boots and a big ol’ Stetson, because Ella Reid is on a roll – and you’re coming along for the ride!


The Lucky Rabbit in Jonestown is live music, a rustic Texas-feel, fresh handcrafted cocktails, ice cold local beer & great food.