10% Off Mobile Auto/Boat Detailing

Jul 24, 2023
6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Save 10% on all auto/boat detailing packages for the month of July.

Gerber Precision Detailing is a locally owned Lake Travis area business that provides stunning boat, auto and truck detailing work.

Your vehicle is a huge investment that should be protected at all costs. Ensure your interior and exterior are looking sharp for years to come with the help of our team at Gerber Precision Detailing.

Affordably Priced Detailing and Ceramic Coatings

Gerber Precision Detailing only uses the most reliable brands in the industry from USA-based manufacturers like Jade Ceramic and Shine Supply. If you’re ready to transform your boat, car or truck, give us a call today or request a service directly via our online form.

Lake Travis Boat Detailing Specialists

The team at Gerber Precision Detailing are experts when it comes to interior and exterior marine detailing. Caring for your boat or jet ski requires a different level of care than your vehicle due to the constant outdoor exposure of both the interior and exterior surfaces. We specialize in getting your boat cleaned up, protected, and help you maintain it through your time of ownership.

Cleaning a boat can be a real chore. From the time spent hanging in your boathouse, kids, dogs, food and drink, the cleanliness of your boat can get out of hand quickly. That means insect and bird droppings, pollen, crumbs, and stains. With a few hours of work we can transform your boat’s appearance, and leave you with a clean boat that is ready to enjoy.

Maintenance plans and free immediate estimates are available.


Lake Travis area boat and auto detailer. We provides stunning boat, auto and truck detailing work. Free estimates.