$15 Nonstick Techniques Workshop with Chef Pham and Swiss Diamond

May 4, 2024
10:30 am - 11:30 am

Chef Uyen Pham, Culinary Professional at the CIA, will take you through the technique of getting the most out of your nonstick cookware: first she will demo a fried egg, follow by a demonstration and tasting of a soft scramble (French).

Chef Pham will then seared off fish for your tasting and show you why things that are delicate work well in nonstick.

Yes, SOME nonstick can be used for searing too, but not just any old nonstick! During these one-hour workshop, you will get to know Swiss Diamond, who are sponsoring this event. This high quality, diamond-reinforced nonstick cookware can produce awesome cooking results.

Swiss Diamond will be doing an Apron giveaway for participating in the workshop, plus providing each attendee a postcard for 15% off any in-store Swiss Diamond Purchase.

Samples of each item prepared by the chef will be provided.

The cost for this demonstration workshop is $15 per person.


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