Virtual Workshop Series: Quintessence of Happiness

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An inward journey towards true happiness in this lifetime!
By Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha
What is the ultimate purpose of our lives on this planet? The answer boils down to one word – happiness. So, how does one go about being happy in a sustainable fashion? Everything that we ingest via our 5 senses, can provide us only momentary glimpses of happiness. Which explains why our favorite sight, smell, sound, sensation or taste, does not keep us happy for long periods of time. It is safe to conclude that the pleasure and happiness derived from the 5 senses is transient. Can we do better?
The true reservoir of happiness is within each of us, regardless of our race, creed, nationality, religion, orientation and anything else that conceivably divides us. Call it – Inner Light, Fragment, True Essence, it means one and the same. It is that renewable source of energy, our own fountainhead. When harnessed, it adds incredible new dimensions to our lives. One of them is – perennial happiness! Thus, true happiness can be found only within us. Said in another way, the pleasures provided by our 5 modes of perception in this 3-dimensional world cannot be compared to our True Essence.
Enter centerstage – Yoga! Shri Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras define it as ‘The process that removes all disturbances from our mind’. It is in this process, that we experience true sustainable happiness. Whilst most of us associate yoga to a physical workout, that is not its true meaning. The pretzel-twisting physical postures of Yoga is only 1/8th of the enchilada (asanas). Don’t get me wrong, regular practice of asanas is an important part of this quest. However, yoga’s true definition consists of 8 facets or limbs. That, my friends, is Ashta-Anga-Yoga (8-Limbed-Yoga). And, whether we are aware or not, each one of us is a yogin[i].
This multi-part meeting (satsang) series elucidates the 8 limbs of yoga and its interplay in our quest for lasting happiness. Each of these satsangs will conclude with a meditation session. In the end, it is only when one touches one’s inner self, does one truly understand!
Om Shanthi Namaste!
Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha was born in an Asian Indian family with equal parts of spirituality and philosophy. His mother was his first spiritual teacher, who laid the required foundational components of his daily practice at a very early age and engrained in him the non-denominational nature of the Absolute. Complementing his mother’s depth in spirituality, his father’s continuous encouragement to question and understand the ‘why’, gave him the required fact-based logical perspective to his practice. In this life’s journey, Gaja is not embarrassed to admit having lost his way a few times. In recent times, two teachers deeply influenced his growth – Swami Amritananda Saraswati of Devipuram and Sri M of Satsang Foundation. Although he loves his day job in the field of computer science, Gaja believes his true purpose is to be a transformation catalyst in people’s thought processes, in the realm of happiness.
Sample Structure:
Teacher Salutation
Peace Invocation
Working Definitions (Relevant only for the first session)
What is Yoga?
8 limbs/facets of yoga discussed in a 2-2-4 split across the first 3 sessions
Session#4 is – Self & Consciousness
Session #5 is on Chakras/Energy Plexuses
Meditation – Going Inward (30-45 minutes)
Group Discussion (Debrief of the meditation session)
Closing Remarks (Interesting Fact or Quote)
Note – Q&A checkpoints at logical points during the presentation.
Sessions are scheduled on Sat evenings between 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. CST
Total number of sessions – 5
Approx. Session duration – 2 hours
Sessions will be delivered via Zoom
Highly recommended to use a headset during meditation