Third Thursdays Open Jam

Event Details

Starts: May 21, 2020
Ends: May 21, 2020
Where: The Musicians Woodshed Cedar Park

Is your child getting tired of practicing their instrument alone?
Bring them to our open jam session!

Our Third Thursday Open Jam is a FREE after hours- session on stage where an instructor will guide them on how to play with other musicians. This is meant to give students an opportunity to not only perform on stage but to also play music with other musicians!

The primary focus of this session is learning about playing music with others! We’ll cover things like volume dynamics, playing in certain rhythms, and learning common music patterns, etc.

Students are even allowed to experiment on instruments they haven’t previously played!

You won’t need sheet music, tabs, or memorize any songs for this session. This is a free-form, no pressure, improvisational sort of event. Whatever ya play, goes!

This is open to the public so even non-students can participate!

Don’t want to perform? No problem! Anyone is allowed to attend and enjoy the tunes we come up with. Audience members are welcome to bring any food or drink of their choice to this session. We have a fridge on site to store beverages.

Have a student that has had some trouble consistently practicing? Bring them to a performance! We see a huge improvement in practice habits after a student watches a performer close to their age rock it on stage!

Event Venue

The Musicians Woodshed Cedar Park…avis-music-store
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