The Hills Signature Chophouse Weekend Features

Chophouse Weekend Features | July 15th-18th
Grilled Caribbean Jerk Frog Legs | $20
Served with mango chutney
Frog Legs are caught in the Florida Everglades. They are rich in protein, and are often said to taste like chicken due to their mild flavors, with a texture most similar to chicken wings.

Seafood Special:
Pan Seared Monk Fish | $38
Served with chickpeas, chorizo, cherry tomatoes, baby corn, and red radishes.

Monk fish is known for its tight meaty white and is often compared to lobster meat, not only in texture but in flavor as well. There is no trace of fishiness in flavor and instead is mild and sweet. Monk fish is often referred to as the Poor Man’s Lobster.
Steak Special:
Prime Bone-In Strip Loin | $90
20 oz.
Prime Porterhouse | $98
24 oz.

5-9 p.m. while supplies last
XLife discount does apply.

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