The Cabin in the Woods Beer Dinner w/ Oasis Texas Brewing Co.

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**Tickets include the cost of the multi-course dinner and beer pairings**

You don’t have to be a dedicated horror fan to enjoy THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. If you do happen to be one, though – oh boy are you in for a treat. The film, a twisting and often unpredictable puzzle of a movie, is a love letter to the horror genre – forged from the fires of pure awesomeness.

When a group of college kids embark on a weekend in the woods, they find themselves part of a shadowy organization’s machinations. Machinations that involve monsters, mayhem and, for the audience at least, pure joy.

What could be better than feasting on this meta-horror-comedy juggernaut on the big screen? Doing while chowing down on eats inspired by the film — all paired with a nerve-steadying selection of craft brews.