Sound Bath

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Starts: Jun 9, 2019
Ends: Jun 9, 2019
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with Sandee Conroy, “The Singing Bowl Lady”
$20 per person

Join Sandee in a powerful, balancing, sonic experience.
Come …if you seek physical or emotional harmony.
Come …if you seek a powerful meditative experience.
Come …if you want to completely & totally relax.
Find out what so many are discovering …the amazing power of sound.

Be Bowled, with this sound bath session. Sound baths are healing musical performances played with crystal bowls. Participants lay on the floor in supported savasana (corpse pose) and let the waves of sound wash over them.
Proponents suggest that sound bathing calms our often overstimulated nervous systems and balances the subtle body. If you’re not familiar with the subtle body: it’s also known as the energetic body, where our life force (Qi, Chi or prana) – exists. Sound bathing is said to work both the physical body and the subtle body to help heal depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia, and to deepen meditation and spark creativity.