Maddog Mondays

Event Details

Starts: Nov 30, 2020
Ends: Nov 30, 2020

Date: EVERY Monday all year long
Time: 9:00am Shotgun
Cost: Members–$15 + cart
Non-Members–$15 + cart & Green Fee
Cost includes: Credit Book and Cash Skins & CTP

Format: Progressive Modified Quota–Individual
Your original points to obtain will be 54 minus
your handicap. (Ex. 20 handicap = 34 points)

*Each week your POINTS will be adjusted 50% up
or 25% down based on prior round performance
Double Eagle or Hole-in-One = 12 Points
Eagle = 8 Points Birdie = 5 Points
Par = 3 Points Bogey = 2 Points
D. Bogey = 1 Point T Bogey+ = 0 Points

Prizes: $6/player goes to Quota pot = Credit Book
$3/player to GROSS skins pot = Cash
$3/player to NET skins pot = Cash
$1.50/Player to Closest to Pin = Cash
$1.50/Player to Year-End/Travis Cup

Eligibility: Open to anyone
Deadline: Day before tournament at 5:00pm

Event Venue

Point Venture Golf Club
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