Kaylin Karr LIVE at Vivel!

Event Details

PLEASE JOIN all of us at Vivel for live music every Sunday from 10a-1p during brunch with Austin musician, Kaylin Karr.

20 year old Alaskan grown singer-songwriter, Kaylin Karr, has a determination that will not be denied.

You could chalk that attitude up to youthful exuberance or optimism if not for the fact that Kaylin Karr has more than enough talent to back it up. A singer of impressive power and range, she is also a songwriter of striking ability. Karr’s songs are wise beyond her years, and she is remarkably prolific.

Her song “No Good for Me” is a downbeat ballad with emotional depth. “Hurt By You” and “MVP” are as sassy as female country comes. “Country Love Song” has already won a songwriting award. “You Trip Me” and “Shined for You” express the glory of young love. “Northern Lights” recalls her girlhood in Alaska. “Protect Me” is a mature lyric about the music business. “Stop the Drama” is a highly inventive country rap.

“I write at least two songs a week,” says Karr. “My songwriting comes in waves. Sometimes I write three a day. It just depends on whether I’m inspired. And it doesn’t take a lot for me to get inspired.”

“All the songs on the album I’ve made, I love. But I’ve written so many songs since that album was done. I write a lot. All the time.”
For motivated, focused and gifted Kaylin Karr, the best is yet to come.
– Robert K. Oermann