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Starts Jul 24, 2019
Ends Jul 24, 2019
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Atma (Atman) is Sanskrit for True Self, the essence of an individual. Like most forms of meditation, Atma Meditation has many health benefits. According to Harvard studies, meditation reduces stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, pain, inflammation, high blood pressure and may regulate blood sugar levels, and improve the immune system. Other benefits include, enhancing self- awareness, lengthen attention span, and generating more kindness.

Atma Meditation uses the breath (pranayama), visual therapeutic meditation, and silent contemplation. It blends Eastern and Western forms of meditation to bring you into a deeper awareness of the mind, body, spirit connection and awaken your Atma, your True Self.

Cynthia de la Cruz, RN, CPC, RYT has practiced meditation for over 30 years. She teaches Eastern and Western forms of meditation, such as Kriya Yoga and Centering Prayer. She developed Atma Meditation to answer a call for those
wishing to stay centered and focused during their practice. In time, with daily practice, your ever present Atma begins to awaken.