B A P T I S T E ::: Assisting Course Teacher Training

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Starts Mar 30, 2019
Ends Mar 31, 2019
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o B A P T I S T E Assisting Course o
::: Led by Jennifer Wright, this course is a hands-on training program designed to transform your personal practice, assisting and teaching. Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology will provide you with the tools to make an impact with others.

o 2 Day Course P R O M I S E o
Have an embodied experience of True North Alignment leaving you with the skills and technical knowledge to instruct others in creating True North Alignment in their body.
Utilize the foundational Baptiste Methodology to assist the 11 sequences of Journey Into Power.
Have a new experience of connection with others and being of service.

o Wants to develop new skills in their yoga practice
o Aspires to be a hands-on assistant in a yoga class
o Currently teaches or assists and wants to upgrade their assisting technique

Knowledge of the basics of assisting, including:
A deeper understanding of your own body in your personal practice
An assist for each pose in the Journey Into Power sequence
3 types of assists: directional, stabilizing, deepening
7 actions of artful assisting
Ability to use True North Alignment to provide impactful, empowering assists
Assist a full Journey Into Power practice

$387 USD*
*Tuition does not include travel, lodging or meals.

o S C H E D U L E o

3/30 | 9am – 6pm (doors open at 8am for registration)
3/31a | 9am – 5pm (doors open at 8:30am)

::: The completion of this two-day course will provide you with 15 elective hours towards your Baptiste Power Yoga Certification.