SOFT – Open Gallery Hours

Contracommon is proud to present SOFT, a group exhibition of textile and fiber works selected from a national call for emerging artists. Participating artists include: Alissa Alfonso (Miami, FL), Steef Crombach (Austin, TX), Ely German (Austin, TX), Alie Jackson (Austin, TX), Holly Kuhl (Austin, TX), Madeline Marak (Shreveport, LA), Natalie Toth (New Orleans, LA), Tuk Vaughankraska (Bozeman, MT), and April Wright (Germantown, TN) and and Sixuan Zhu (Philadelphia, PA). The exhibition will run through May 28th, with an opening reception on Saturday, April 24th from 6 – 9pm. You can make a weekday appointment at, or drop by during our open hours – weekends from 12-6pm!
The artists included in SOFT employ the medium of fabric to a range of different effects, although some seem to arrive at similar preoccupations. Many of the works feature or bear striking resemblance to life–both human and non-human. Those not working directly with recognizable subjects have made works that abstractly reference the landscape or bodily forms. This subject matter, traces of life, is reflected in the use of repurposed and recycled materials.
The artists are reconstructing and repeating elements of the real world while giving new life to salvaged materials. Some have even elevated these recycled materials to the point of uncanny likeness to their living counterparts. Through varying degrees of gravity and absurdity, these works take familiar shapes at disorienting scales. Similarly disorienting perspectives and placement within the gallery allow for a playful experience, breathing room for the more serious themes explored in the exhibition.
SOFT will be on view at the Contracommon Gallery from April 19th – May 28th. The gallery is open to the public on weekends from 12pm – 6pm, and weekdays by private appointment. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 24th from 6 – 9pm, and is free and open to the public. You can make a weekday appointment at, or drop by during our open hours – weekends from 12-6pm!
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