Opening Reception: Untitled II – Amar Gupta and Brianna Vance

Contracommon is proud to present Untitled II, an exhibition of work by Amar Gupta and Brianna Vance. The exhibition will run from July 26th through August 27th, with an opening reception on Friday, July 30th from 6 – 9pm.
Amar Gupta and Brianna Vance both create process oriented abstract works. Although their chosen mediums, photography and painting, may seem vastly different, both artists’ works share similarities to Abstract Expressionism. Each is expanding the limits of their chosen mediums through experimentation and manipulation of their materials.
Amar Gupta is a large format photographer from Beaumont, Texas. Using traditional analog methods, Gupta produces primarily greyscale documentary and abstract images. He began taking photographs in high school to document his skateboarding escapades. Abstract connections are what he seeks in his photography: A collection of colors, lines, shapes and forms that tell a story which can not be conveyed by words.
Raised in Austin, Texas, Brianna Vance is a self-taught resin artist that has developed techniques that capture the clarity and three-dimensional qualities of her colors. Many of her paintings evoke a sense of warmth and serenity while others are mystifying and immersive. Art is her main form of escapism, allowing her creativity to expand and flourish. This medium requires equal measures of control and letting go. The work starts with a plan, but also provides surprising results when the materials bond together.
Untitled II will be on view at the Contracommon Gallery from July 26th – August 27th. The gallery is open to the public on weekends from 12pm – 6pm, and weekdays by appointment. The opening reception will be held on Friday, July 30th from 6 – 9pm, and is free and open to the public. For more information, or to make appointments or donations, please email

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