Online: Puppet Workshop with Puppet Pie

Jul 15, 2021
Lake Travis Community Library

Make your very own paper finger puppets and scenery with puppeteer, Stacey Gordon from Puppet Pie. Retell one of several fairy tales with these unique puppets and learn to make your puppets act it out! Stacey Gordon has made and performed puppets for Mayfair Games, Etsy, The Phoenix Coyotes, and Barenaked Ladies (the band). Stacey has the honor of performing one of Sesame Street’s newest friends, Julia, and now she’s ready to create with you!
Register for the 2pm show:…/tJ0uc-mspj0tHNHMbZMRv2_BptrvKNB3_qSo
Register for the 3pm show:…/tJMqcu-opjgoGdfEbywXClZreIEBmy7_0yCI

Event Venue

Lake Travis Community Library