Mighty Pelicans LIVE

Oct 25, 2021
8:00 pm - 11:00pm

Old Louisiana and Texas guys, with the help of one of our young’ns, mining the riches of the regional music we love.

Kerry “Kingfish” Blackmon (drums and vocals) and Chuck Doyle (bass), both Louisiana natives, met at LSU in the 70s and began playing together in blues, R&B, and zydeco bands after they both moved to Austin in the early 80s.

Kingfish’s son Michael “Mudbug” Blackmon (rubboard and congas) grew up in Austin and, like his dad, is a killer drummer/percussionist. Johnny Blue (guitar and vocals) drifted to Austin from Houston, where he’d been gigging in various projects for years, and eventually met Kingfish and Chuck when they were all recruited into an Austin area zydeco band.

The guys started the Mighty Pelicans several years ago as a fun little side project while they played in other groups, but the Pelicans became their musical priority in June, 2011, and the band has been performing frequently around Austin ever since.

The Mighty Pelicans’ music is firmly rooted in the sounds of New Orleans but also reveals influences of southern blues and R&B, as well as Cajun and zydeco. It crosses genres and is a little difficult to pigeonhole, but the Pelicans like to call it New Orleans Swamp Rock. It’s guaranteed to incite a good time.

Lone Star Bar is pure classic Honky Tonk. This is your good old hole in the wall Texas Bar. Live misic, karaoke, games, outdoor patio.