Landers Marshall

Aug 15, 2021
2:00 pm - 5:00pm

Singer/Songwriters Samantha Marshall and Justin Landers have been playing around Austin for over 9 years now. They’ve developed a unique acoustic sound, combining Americana, Blues and Country influences using a guitar and a loop pedal, with a strong focus on vocal harmonies. Landers Marshall has been described as “hauntingly beautiful”, the combination of both their voices wowing audiences every time.

The Landers/Marshall project is an exceptional male/female duo that has gone by several names over the years, but continues to provide exceptional live musical performances all over Texas. Landers/Marshall performs both original and popular cover songs for private events, live music venues, charities, happy hours and local restaurants. Live performances will have the audience captivated with an array of acoustic harmonies coupled with guitar rhythms and leads, all layered using a loop pedal live on stage.

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