A Persian Delight with Chef Demeatrie Funderburk

Traditional Iranian (Persian) food combines the savory of fresh herbs and spices like saffron, merges it with the sweetness of pomegranate, barberry and cinnamon, and tops it all off with a flourish of nuts, dried fruits and beans.

The result: a taste profile which does not present one distinct flavor, but instead serves up layers that keep the taste buds guessing as to what is and what’s coming next.

You won’t need to guess what’s in these dishes- you’ll have the recipes right in front of you!

Chef Demeatrie will prepare: Kuku Sabzi (Herb Frittata); Fesenjan (Chicken, Walnut & Pomegranate Stew) with Tahdig (Crispy Persian Rice); and Shirazi (Cucumber Salad).

Masks are required at all times that you are not actively eating or drinking.

The cost for this class is $59 per person.

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