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Lake Travis is 63.75 miles long, and its maximum width is 4.5 miles. The lake covers 18,929 acres, and its capacity is 1,953,936 acre-feet. The lake is considered full at an elevation of 681.1 msl. At this elevation the lake contains 382,092,882,600 gallons of water. There are 270 miles of shoreline around the lake. It has a maximum depth of 210 and an average depth of 62 feet. The lakes historic high level is 710.4 feet msl on December 25, 1991. Its historic low level is 614.2 feet msl on August 14 1951.

We received lots of phone calls about where to go to see the Lake. I try and explain that at 64 miles long there is not single place to put in at the lake. Here is a list of links that may be helpful in planning your Lake Travis visit.


Links from lodging to marinas, boat rentals and restaurants on Lake Travis……..

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